An Enemy Like Me

Patriotism mingled with heartache ★★★★ 'An Enemy Like Me' highlights the humanity of war; the people and families behind the guns, destruction, and violence, 'Had they [those who started the war] considered the spoiled gardens, the tearing apart of families, the devastating loneliness?' Jakob Mueller is a first-generation American. Although he lost his father when … Continue reading An Enemy Like Me

One Woman’s War

'The truth? The truth doesn't matter' ★★★★ ' ‘One Woman’s War’ is a well-researched storytelling of Victoire (Paddy) Bennett’s role in WWII British Intelligence and, more specifically, Operation Mincemeat. Having been a secretary for Ian Fleming during this period, many believe that Paddy provided inspiration for Ian Fleming’s Bond character Miss Moneypenny. We meet the … Continue reading One Woman’s War