An Enemy Like Me

Patriotism mingled with heartache ★★★★ 'An Enemy Like Me' highlights the humanity of war; the people and families behind the guns, destruction, and violence, 'Had they [those who started the war] considered the spoiled gardens, the tearing apart of families, the devastating loneliness?' Jakob Mueller is a first-generation American. Although he lost his father when … Continue reading An Enemy Like Me

The Light Among Us

Banker, Geologist and Social Reformer ★★★★ 'The Light Among Us' takes factual threads of Elizabeth Carne's life, in mid-19th century Cornwall, and weaves together a plausible story of how this banker, social reformer, and geologist may have lived. Readers gain further insights, illuminated throughout the book, into Miss Carne's history, inner thoughts, and vulnerability. Elizabeth … Continue reading The Light Among Us