The Sixteenth Century in 100 Women

The pivotal roles women played worldwide during the 16th Century ★★★★★ 'The Sixteenth Century in 100 Women' is a very readable, accessible book for any history lover, whether academic or layperson. The book seeks to help redress the often patchy and somewhat skewed representation of women throughout history and, further, help augment our understanding from … Continue reading The Sixteenth Century in 100 Women

The Granddaughters of Edward III

How Edward III's legacy helped shape a dynasty ★★★★ 'The Granddaughters of Edward III' is a highly detailed, thoroughly researched, and meticulously referenced book. Kathryn Warner's work provides a great secondary source not only for those history lovers of this period but also those who appreciate the revealing dynastic, political landscape created through carefully crafted … Continue reading The Granddaughters of Edward III

An Enemy Like Me

Patriotism mingled with heartache ★★★★ 'An Enemy Like Me' highlights the humanity of war; the people and families behind the guns, destruction, and violence, 'Had they [those who started the war] considered the spoiled gardens, the tearing apart of families, the devastating loneliness?' Jakob Mueller is a first-generation American. Although he lost his father when … Continue reading An Enemy Like Me

The Secret History of the Court of England

'How many command that should be commanded?' ★★★★ 'The Secret History of the Court of England' was originally published, under the pseudonym 'Lady Anne Hamilton', in 1832. The book is a type of contemporaneous exposé revealing the true corruption of the court; flaunting expenditure, and royal disregard for English subjects, 'How many command that should … Continue reading The Secret History of the Court of England